AviClear Acne Treatment in Nanaimo
by Your Skin Magician

Effective & Safe Treatment for Mild to Severe Acne

Clearer skin is possible with the AviClear laser device for the treatment of acne on all skin types. Our clients see noticeable results on all types of acne with just three visits. Whatever your skin goals are, we’re here to help you reach healthier skin every step of the way.

AviClear Acne Treatment in Nanaimo
Acne Treatment in Nanaimo

The AviClear Laser Device

The First FDA-Approved Long Term Treatment for Acne

Here at Your Skin Magician, we have exclusive local access to the AviClear laser device, the first FDA-cleared energy device for the treatment of mild to severe acne and other skin conditions. In 4 years of clinical trials, the AviClear laser device was so effective it resulted in 100% of patients having zero recurrences of their acne.

Start Your Skin Journey

With AviClear

long lasting results with the AviClear Treatment

The AviClear treatment produces noticeable results in three thirty-minute appointments spaced one month apart. This treatment works by suppressing the sebaceous glands from producing sebum, which combines with dead skin cells to form pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. The result is clearer skin and less or zero acne.

Supporting Your

Personal Skin Journey

Your Skin Magician Customizes Your Treatment to Match Your Needs

At Your Skin Magician, we understand how personal your journey to skin health can be, which is why we are here to personalize your treatment every step of the way. We proudly offer the AviClear laser acne treatment with financing options through iFinance to help make skin health more accessible.



Wow this facial was amazing! Tia really knows her stuff and got my skin looking revived and healthy. If you need some refreshing and relaxing “me time” this is the best spot for it! Well worth it, you’re in good hands (literally!) from start to finish.

Alison Hunt

Tia is such an amazing clinician. She tailors each of her treatments to your specific needs and is very educated on everything skin related! My skin has never felt or looked better.

Amanda Mullen

I received a hydrafacial from Tia and I am beyond thrilled with the results. Tia took time to evaluate my skin and determine its needs prior to our facial and then proceeded to customize a skincare routine based on my needs! Loved it! Can’t wait to be back!

Maddy Dawson

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AviClear safe for everyone?

AviClear is a clinically proven safe acne treatment for most individuals with mild to severe acne, even those on acne medication! However, there are other medical conditions that are contraindications for the treatment.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Once you book your appointment, you’ll receive clear instructions on how to prepare for your treatment. Here are a few general tips to remember:

  • Avoid retinol and active ingredients a minimum of 5 days before
  • Avoid direct sun exposure 1 – 2 weeks before your appointment
  • Avoid waxing, tweezing, plucking, picking, filler or botox injections at the treatment area 2 weeks prior to treatment.

For more post-care + pre-care tips, click here.

How often can I get AviClear acne treatment?

We book AviClear treatment appointments in thirty minute sessions, each thirty days apart for maximum results. Ask our skin care experts, if you’re unsure, before booking.

Is AviClear effective for severe acne?

The AviClear laser treatment has been FDA-approved and clinically proven safe and effective for mild to severe cases of acne.