Facials in Nanaimo

by Your Skin Magician

Customized Facial Treatments To Fit Your Unique Skin Care Needs

Get clinical results without the guesswork! We offer comprehensive treatment options tailored to your unique skin care needs. We start by discussing your skin goals and assessing your skin type. Then we recommend personalized facial treatments to help you start your path towards improved skin health and confidence.

Facials in Nanaimo
Facials in Nanaimo

DMK Paramedical Skin Revision

At Your Skin Magician, we’re certified to prescribe DMK Paramedical Skin Revision products. This includes the famous DMK Enzyme Therapy and the DMK Muscle Banding—a nonsurgical facelift that reduces fine lines and wrinkles immediately and improves muscle function long-term with consistent treatments. Book your consultation to see how these amazing products can help you reach your skin goals.

Get Results

Without the Stress

We Believe in Relaxed, Comprehensive Skin Treatments.

Caring for your skin can be a roller coaster journey, and we’re here to support you every step of the way! We offer a variety of services to achieve your skin goals and fit your budget. Regardless of the treatment booked, we always start with a skin assessment and make our expert recommendations from there. Simply pick the facial that works best for you. Not sure which to choose? We can help recommend the best option based on your skin conditions, goals, and budget through either an in-person or telephone consultation.

Find the Treatment Option

that’s Right for You

From No-Frills to All-In Luxury,
There’s a Facial Treatment for Everyone

By utilizing our online booking system each category has facials specially curated for each skin condition – while still being customized to each individual.  Some treatments we offer at Your Skin Magician are: DMK Enzyme Therapy, Bela MD skin health system, chemical peels, dermaplaning, facial masks, LED light therapy, high frequency, and other tools available to us here at Your Skin Magician. Each service’s downtime varies, but we have options for each skin concern from zero to 7 days of downtime— downtime being peeling or flaking skin. The amount of downtime you desire is completely at your discretion.

Looking for Correction of a Specific Skin Concern?

If you’re seeking to target a specific skin condition/concern such as acne, rosacea, advanced signs of aging or hyperpigmentation, please see each tab in our booking system for services that suit your skin concern. A couple of our most popular services are Laser Genesis (no downtime laser), Laser Facial, and DMK enzyme + peel. As your skin journey progresses, we will reassess your needs. Not sure which option is right for you? Book a consultation, and we’ll be happy to recommend a treatment that fits with your skin health goals.

60 minute custom Facial

Our 60 minute facial is a customized treatment based on your skin needs and goals, including all modalities available within your allotted appointment time, including but not limited to microdermabrasion, microcurrent, exfoliating enzymes + peels, face masks, LED light therapy, and more. Our 60 minute facial treatment also includes a relaxing hand massage.

Ideal for: Anyone! This treatment is always 100% customized to your skin needs and goals.

Price: $219 for 60-70 min

Facials in Nanaimo
Facials in Nanaimo

90 minute custom facial

As with our other facial option this is a completely customized targeted treatment based on your skin needs and goals using all modalities available during your allotted appointment time, including but not limited to everything mentioned in the 60 minute option plus the possibility of Bela MD, dermaplaning, and combination therapies.

Ideal for: Anyone looking to improve skin appearance, texture + health while enjoying a luxurious and relaxing spa-like experience.

Price: $259 for 90 min

2 hour custom facial

Relax your mind, body, and skin with this all-in corrective and luxurious treatment option.   Utilizing all of the tools available to transform your skin in the most relaxing way. This treatment includes all available modalities at no extra cost, such as Bela MD, DMK enzyme therapy & muscle banding, LED light therapy, high frequency, dermaplaning, hand massage, head massage + hair mask. It’s no wonder this treatment is our most popular option!

Ideal for: Anyone looking for tone and texture correction, including acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging (age spots and wrinkles) or those looking for a deep treatment with clinical results and a relaxing spa-like experience. 

Price: $299 for 120 min

Facials in Nanaimo

Facial Parties

Make Self-Care and Relaxation Part of Your Next Celebration

Do you have a birthday, wedding, or achievement to celebrate? A facial party can include anywhere between 4 and 14 people coming together to enjoy a night (or day) of pampering and relaxation. We offer mobile facial parties from Nanaimo to Parksville, so you can bring the spa to your home or even your office!

Due to the many variables involved in planning the treatment for multiple people, facial parties need to be booked directly with Tia. From there, we can assess the size, scope, and needs of your party and provide a proper quote. Due to the large number of treatments involved in a facial party, we limit the facial options to Level 1 only.

Facials in Nanaimo



Tia at Your Skin Magician is so passionate about skin health, and that passion shines through everything she does. She was so kind, knowledgeable, and professional. My IPL treatment wasn’t painful at all and I’m excited to see my skin improve! If you’re looking for an esthetician who offers cutting edge services along with fantastic customer service and support, go see Tia at Your Skin Magician!

Morag Champagne-Holland

By far the best and most educational facial I’ve ever had. Tia takes her job very seriously and knows what she’s talking about. I was very comfortable during the whole process and left feeling very taken care of! I was sent home with a new skincare routine and was checked in on after the appointment. I am counting down this days until my next appointment.

Lauren Jorgensen

I received a consultation and skin care routine through Tia as I am pregnant and experiencing hormonal acne. Tia was very helpful and communicative as we went through my concerns and apprehensions with skin care due to my pregnant. Tia is knowledgeable and recommended products that have helped my skin immensely, it’s never been better! Facials aside, Tia can make a huge difference with your skin.

Amber Hornquist

Frequently Asked Questions

Are facials safe for everyone?

While facials are an effective, calming skin care treatment, they are not compatible with some medical conditions. Read more about contraindications here.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

Once you book your appointment, you’ll receive clear instructions on how to prepare for your treatment. Here are a few general tips to remember:

  • Avoid retinol and active ingredients a minimum of 5 days before
  • Avoid direct sun exposure 1 – 2 weeks before your appointment
  • Avoid waxing, tweezing, plucking, picking, filler or botox injections at the treatment area 2 weeks prior to treatment.

For more post-care + pre-care tips, click here.

How often can I get a facial?

It is recommended to wait 2-4 weeks between treatments, although this can vary based on each individual’s skin condition, concerns and goals. Ask our skincare experts if you’re unsure before booking.

What is the difference between facials?

The difference between our facials is the length of the appointment. The longer appointment, the more time there is for different treatment options that may not be possible in the shorter options. All of our facials are 100% customized and result driven.

Which Facial should I choose?

The length of an appointment does not indicate intensity – only duration. You’ll also have more treatment options available. If you’re unsure which facial to choose, get in touch, and we can help recommend the best fit for your schedule and needs.